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Waste paper is a vital raw material in the United Kingdom. Its retrieval and processing have both economic and environmental benefits.

Operating through the Independent Waste Paper Producers Limited, the member companies form a trading network of waste paper merchants right across the United Kingdom from Aberdeen to Redruth and Canterbury to Belfast.

Employing the latest equipment and handling techniques for waste paper, the membership of the Company forms the largest trading network of waste paper merchants in the UK. IWPP Ltd is strategically placed to provide a full export service which it foresees as pivotal to the future expansion of recycling initiatives within the UK and Europe.

The unique member bond system enables the Company to provide producers of waste with a secure national recovery service for recycling of waste paper, and its customers with a guaranteed continuity of supply.

Collection of Waste paper
Member companies collect waste paper from factories, offices, shops, supermarkets, printers, distributors, public sector organisations and voluntary groups. The collected material is then sorted and baled to paper mill specifications for conversion back into new paper and board. Many members are also able to offer a confidential shredding service.

Co-ordinated through the central administration office in Daventry the company can provide national, regional or local collection systems for all waste paper. We have the combined strength of a national structure with reliable local service.

Please contact the company to discuss your specific requirements and to advise on the range of services and equipment that can be made available

Just one call will give you access to this service. Whether you are a voluntary organisation, a local authority, or the Environmental Officer of a multi-national corporation - the Independent Waste Paper Producers Ltd is here to service.

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From its member companies, IWPP Ltd can supply a range of quality recovered paper grades on either a spot order basis or through negotiated long term supply contracts.

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