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The IWPPA is the trade association for independent waste paper processors and their equipment suppliers. The association was formed by a group of privately owned waste paper merchants in 1975 to promote and widen the use of recyclable papers both within the UK and for export.

Through its trading company, Independent Waste Paper Producers Limited, the membership of IWPPA has developed long term contracts with some of the major paper board and tissue mills within the UK. The company has expanded into export markets shipping waste paper to Europe, America, and the Far East.

The Association keeps members informed of changes in legislation covering such areas as Health and Safety, duty of care, packaging regulations, recycling credits and any other matters which may potentially affect waste paper merchants.

The Association membership consists of over 100 companies with a combined turnover in excess of £280 million, and is the largest network of independent waste paper processors with a membership that covers the whole of the British Isles.

Over 1 million tonnes of processed material is produced each year by members of the Association. This feedstock for paper mills saves valuable natural resources that would otherwise go to landfill and makes a substantial contribution to the United Kingdom's balance of payments.

Member companies work closely with their local communities to promote recycling and recover a range of materials. Although the prime activity of our merchant members is with waste paper reclamation, some members are involved with the recycling of aluminium cans, steel, plastic, wood, and textiles.

Over 1,500 vehicles and 30,000 collection bins, cages and compactors are deployed by members in factories, offices, shops and public places.

Many members also provide security shredding and waste management services

IWPPA Services

The Association's wholly owned trading company services on behalf of members major supply contracts with paper mills in the UK, USA, Europe and Asia.

Health and Safety.
A comprehensive guide and information pack has been prepared to meet the specific needs of members in this important area.

Legislative and Technical Matters.
Members have immediate access to experienced Association staff.
Policy. The waste industry is faced with a bewildering mass of legislation, regulation and official guidance. The IWPPA takes an active role in seeking to shape future policy and regulation.

Allied Trade Member's activities include:

  • waste conveying, handling and extraction systems
  • recycling and sorting machinery
  • waste compactors and baling equipment
  • baling wire
  • skip loaders, hook loaders and cranes
  • demountable containers, skips, Eurobins and fork lift hoppers
  • personnel, health and safety training services
  • specialist computer systems
  • corporate, personal and private health insurance
  • security systems

Association Events

  • Annual General Meeting
  • General Meetings
  • Regional Meetings
  • Spring Ball
  • Golf Tournament